Tuesday, 28 January 2014

An open door, a missionary table and a prayer of faith

On Tuesday 28 January the FamilySearch Centre in Deloraine was open for a regular shift and staff were working with several member and non-member patrons. During the course of the morning, one member left to retrieve something from his car when a rental van pulled up in the car park.

Out jumped a sprightly young Chinese boy. "Is this a church?" he asked the member enthusiastically. When his guess was confirmed, he said, "I'll go get my family!"

Before long a family of 8 people were milling around the chapel, exploring the rooms and thumbing through the family-centred items on the missionary table in the foyer.

The opportunity arose to share testimony of God's love for His children in all nations, and of the eternal nature of the family. Upon hearing that families can be together even after they die, one lady, visibly touched by the spirit, said, "That's very special."

The family left with copies of the Gospel Art Book, the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon and a web link to the Church website in Chinese. On their way out, the boy who first made first contact in the car park, clutching his beautiful new Gospel Art book, shook the volunteer's hand energetically and said, "I'm very happy!"

When the volunteer returned to the FamilySearch Centre, one member commented, "I specifically prayed this morning that people seeking the truth would be led here."

This small and simple example demonstrates how hearts are turned, softened and changed as members faithfully and fully engage in the work of salvation!