Friday, 31 January 2014

Church member exemplifies religious tolerance in print

When the proposal was put forward for residents of the Meander Valley municipality to produce a monthly newspaper for the region, Deloraine Ward member Liz Walker recognised a unique opportunity.

A convert to the Church, Sister Walker has not only recognised the blessings that have come into her own life because of the restored gospel, but the Holy Ghost has enabled her to see the good in all people of faith. With that special insight, she approached the paper about writing a regular column to showcase the various faith traditions represented in the region.

Her offer was readily accepted, and she began her series by interviewing a Mennonite family in Deloraine. The article published in the January issue of the Meander Valley Gazette spoke of the religion's emphasis on industry, conservative moral values and quality family time. She reported that the family she interviewed was one of four of the faith in Canada who felt they were called by God to move to Australia as an act of faith and to spread their religion.

For the February issue, she visited and interviewed a Muslim family in the community, and was deeply impressed by their focus on healthy, moral, family-centred living.

Regarding both meetings, Sister Walker descibed feeling the spirit as those she interviewed spoke about common beliefs.

In the coming months, Sister Walker hopes to take her interviews to the airwaves by hosting a radio show on the local community radio station. She also plans to hold an inter-faith dinner towards the end of the year to bring together people of all faith traditions in an environment of tolerance and mutual respect.

At a time in the world's history when many faiths are being mocked, ridiculed and attacked, Sister Walker's small and simple efforts to share the good that comes from faithful religous observance will be a great blessing to the people of the region.

This recent video illustrates how people of faith strive to bring about good in their communities: