Sunday, 19 January 2014

Seventy visits Deloraine Ward

Elder Robert J. Dudfield of the Seventy visited Deloraine Ward on Sunday 19 January to provide training to ward leaders, give encouragement in sacrament meeting and conduct personal interviews with members.

In his training, Elder Dudfield reminded ward leaders that our work in the Church is about saving families through the ordinances of the gospel. He encouraged ward leaders to pursue "real growth" by helping members to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ, immerse themselves in the Book of Mormon, and to re-commit to observing the law of the fast.

He challenged the full-time missionaries to be full-purpose missionaries, assisting the ward in every aspect of the work of salvation. He emphasised that inviting all to come unto Christ is not limited to missionary work, but includes ministering to less active families as well as temple and family history work.

In his Sacrament meeting remarks, Elder Dudfield taught about the importance of following the guidance of the Spirit in carrying out the work of salvation. He shared experiences of where the Spirit had directed him to deliver messages or extend challenges that resulted in hearts being softened to the gospel. He promised that any worthy member of the Church could experience the same things in their own efforts to share the gospel.

The remainder of the day was spent in classes and interviews, giving encouragement to active and less active members, bearing his witness of Jesus Christ and inviting them to come unto Him.

Elder Dudfield will return to Tasmania with Pacific Area President, Elder James J. Hamula of the Seventy, in March for the Devonport Stake Conference.