Sunday, 26 January 2014

Young women camp through the eyes of the young women

From Paige Triffitt, Burnie Branch:

The 2014 Devonport Stake young women’s camp was held on the 20th to the 23rd of January. The camp theme was "Come," and our camp song was "I’m Changed" by Kaitlin Lunt. This year'ss camp was different to any of the previous camps I’ve ever been to before. For starters I’m pretty sure the leaders said it was the biggest group of young women to come to camp. It was so nice to meet all the beehives and other girls that I haven’t had the chance to meet before. I always enjoy being able to form new friendships on camp, it is one of my favourite parts of the camp. All the young women in our Stake are absolutely amazing and always bring a smile to my face when I have the opportunity to see them again and get to know them a little better. There is really something different about being with other youth then being with friends who are not of our faith. just being with each other always makes you feel wanted and loved; we have instant friendships wherever we go simply because we believe in the same things, and that’s really something special!

Something that was really different this year was how we went about our Camp Crafter. Usually we go off into our year groups and someone teaches us about how to light a fire, or how to treat a burn or a bite and anything that is in our years requirements in the camp crafter manual. We also have a scripture study where we read and discuss a few scriptures that are in our camp requirements. This year the laurels (including me) taught each year group about our assigned topic. I had to teach everyone about how to treat burns and blisters. I really enjoyed how we went about it this year, as all the girls got to learn about the same stuff. It really made a difference, as we got to use our knowledge (in pretend scenarios of course) and I think it helped it stick a little better! Our new approach to camp crafter also meant that we all got to participate in a fun activity and quiz because we all learnt the same information.

I especially liked the group scripture study because we discussed two AMAZING talks with our year groups; "Awake, Arise and Come Unto Christ" by Sister Sheri Dew, and "Come Unto Christ" by Elder Eyring.

This year on the hike we had a list of things we could find and do; it was something that we’ve never done before but it was really enjoyable. There were things like "find a bird and name it" and "talk to someone you don’t know for five minutes". It really helped all the girls to make an effort to get to know everyone and go outside of their comfort zone. Something else we did that took a lot of girls out of their comfort zones was abseiling. I was so impressed with all the girls who gave it a go, it was amazing to see their courage.

Our impromptu games after dinner were the best! I’ll always remember how much everyone laughed, they were so much fun! And the massive spiders on the portaloo. They would only be there at night time, which made it ten times more scary!

And the testimony meeting. I always love the testimony meetings! I went into it with a lot of questions, things I’ve been praying about, and everything was answered. It’s always amazing how the Lord answers your prayers. I think my favourite part of camp or youth convention is always the testimony meetings; the Spirit is always so strong! I love singing our camp song at the start of the fireside/testimony meeting, and this year's was such a beautiful and inspiring song. One of the verses reads:

I see a difference, I’m not the same 
I see the world in a different way
And life is better than it’s ever been 
‘Cause I’m trying to be more like Him.

Being able to sit and watch the stars, or see the beautiful land we live in really is an amazing experience, and camp gives me that opportunity. Life really is so beautiful! And I know that when we are trying to be more like our Heavenly Father and our Savior, it really does make our lives so much better. We can find peace and happiness in Their presence, and in trying our best to be who He wants us to be.

I have to be honest I always complain about having to pack and to go to camp, but when I’m there I'm always reminded why I make myself go. It really is such an amazing experience.

From Georgia Christie, Deloraine Ward:

On the 20-23rd of January the young women gathered together at the Porters' Paradise just outside of Exton. We spent the days laughing and getting to know one another as we spent time learning first-aid, camp craft and doing scripture study.  Highlights included the walk, spiders in the port-a-loo and the fireside and testimony meeting. Big thanks to Sister Stephannie, Sister Filpa and Sister Suzanne and everyone who helped make it a success and such an amazing time, as well as the Porters for lending us their land.