Sunday, 23 February 2014

Missionary activity nights invite Burnie residents to come and see

Tonight (22nd of February 2014) Burnie Branch had their first missionary-run sports/games night at which we played basketball. We have made a goal to have these activities every second Friday. It is a great opportunity for us to bring friends along to meet not only Church members but also the missionaries, and to have fun and get to know each other better as a Branch. 
There were around 20 people who came to this activity, two of which were not members of the Church. We all had lots of fun and managed to conclude the night with minimal injuries.
I feel as if this is the perfect opportunity to bring friends along to a Church activity, so that they can feel of the spirit whilst having a good time. I know that if we all work hard to share the gospel with those around us that we will all be blessed, and we will be able to one day accomplish our stake goal of having a Temple here in Tasmania.
I would like to thank the Burnie Branch missionaries for organising this wonderful night. If you're ever in Burnie when we are having our sports/games night feel free to come along and enjoy the fun! 
By Paige Triffitt