Thursday, 13 March 2014

Deloraine Primary children bake bread for sacrament

On the 25th of February, the Deloraine Faith in God Primary children met at Sister Simone Triffitt's home to do some bread making. But this was not your usual kind of bread making. The bread was being made for a very special purpose.

The children had decided that instead of just learning how to make bread and eating it, they wanted to make the sacrament bread. They had decided that they wanted to serve the congregation of the Deloraine ward by providing the bread to be blessed and passed during the fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, the 9th of March.

The Primary leaders thought this was a wonderful idea and were very excited to take the opportunity to remind the children about the covenants they make at baptism and how important it is to think about them each week as they take the sacrament.

Hallie and Daniel

Sister Brown and Jory


While the children were making the bread, Sister Sue Brown, opened the scriptures to D&C 20 and the children read out the sacrament prayers found in verses 77 and 79. The children talked about the covenants each of them made when they were baptised and how being reminded of them each week when they listen to the sacrament prayers, helps them to continue to make good choices when they are at home and school.

Daniel, Hannah and Oliver getting ready to put the bread in the oven.

The children also discussed that by renewing their baptismal covenants each week, they are honouring the promises made to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when they were eight years old. And that makes them feel good inside.

While the bread was cooking, the children had a well-earned break outside, eating brownies and ice-cream.

Once the bread was cooked, there was a little left over for the children to try.

The bread was cut up and placed in the freezer ready for Sunday. The children were very excited and waiting with anticipation to see their very own bread blessed and passed. 

We know that they will feel of the Spirit as they see the fruits of their labour used for such a sacred occasion. We know that they will continue to be reverent each week as they consider the importance of partaking in the sacrament and that in the words of President Thomas S Monson, they will know that:

"Service to others is akin to duty, the fulfillment of which brings true joy."

By Simone Triffitt