Sunday, 23 March 2014

Three endowed and one couple sealed at Stake Temple Day

It was in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 15th March that Saints began to congregate at the airport awaiting the boarding call to fly to Melbourne for another wonderful spiritual experience of entering the Lord’s house.Many of the saints travel long distances to catch the early morning flight but spirits are high and greetings are warm as we wait for one another in anticipation of spending valuable time together. Our stake temple trips are wonderful opportunities to forge loving bonds with each other as well as those for whom we do proxy work.

This temple experience was made all the sweeter as we welcomed 3 members going for the first time. Robert and Leanne McDonald from Launceston West Ward and Lina Higgins from Launceston East Ward. We are so fortunate to have these trips made so easy for us with a bus to meet us at the airport and take us straight to the temple and return to pick us up at the end of the day and make the return trip.

One of the great experiences of Stake Temple trips is the opportunity to be surrounded by others from our Stake and to feel the love we have for the Saviour and each other as we participate together in sacred saving ordinances. It was a sweet experience to have our own ordinance workers assist those attending for the first time. Robert, Leanne and Lina all commented on how wonderful it was to be encircled about by loving members of their wards on their momentous day.

I think their smiles tell it all. They are glowing with the spirit the temple brings into their lives.

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By Gail Challis, Stake Relief Society President