Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Are you a chocolate chip? (8 June Stake Youth Fireside report)

The second Youth Fireside of the year was held on the 8th of June, and was based off of the talk Spiritual Whirlwinds by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The night revolved more specifically around the idea of 'standing strong through spiritual whirlwinds', which was introduced with the question: "Are you a chocolate chip?" 

The chocolate chip is famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven when used in baking. Applying this to the youth and adults of today, we may ask whether we are like the chocolate chip: are we being strong in a world of ‘heat’ and holding shape, or are we melting? 

We had talks from Brother Luke Woolley, Austen Howe, Jalen King, President Buckley, and a presentation from Hannah and Jordan Christie. The youth committee also performed a musical item, which was a medley of As SistersIn Zion and We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman)

Throughout the evening, we were taught about what a spiritual whirlwind is, and how, like chocolate chips, we need special ‘ingredients' that help us to stay firm in the world of today. We were also taught how we prepare for these spiritual whirlwinds by such things as:
  • Having our foundations built upon Christ;
  • Accepting our Heavenly Father’s will;
  • Listening and following our prophet and stake leaders;
  • Standing in holy places and going to the temple; and
  • Reading and studying the Book Of Mormon. 
Some of the youth were also able to share some personal experiences of inviting friends to the recent youth dance and spiritual whirlwinds that they were facing.

It is always great to be able to hear not only from our leaders but from our fellow youth. It allows us to strengthen our testimonies and to recognise that we are not alone in this world; that there are other youth out there who are trying to share the gospel and to become righteous followers of Jesus Christ. 

We were reminded of our sub-theme this year of ‘plus one’, and encouraged to raise the bar even higher than from our last stake youth dance. We were also reminded of the stakes vision, as well as the challenge of reading the Book Of Mormon twice this year. It is not enough to merely remember these goals; we must also put them into action, and be diligently reading and studying our scriptures, as well as finding those to whom we can teach the Gospel.

Sticking to the theme, we were able to finish the night with delicious chocolate chip biscuits. Overall, it was a great night, and one of the best firesides that I have been to, and I’m not just saying that! 

- Contributed by Paige Triffitt