Sunday, 1 June 2014

High Priests 'sit in council' at their Quorum meeting

On Saturday 24th May, the Stake Presidency of the Devonport Australia Stake convened a High Priests Quorum meeting for all High Priests in the Stake including their wives and single sisters.

The purpose of this annual meeting, as dictated by the Church Handbook of Instructions, is to conduct quorum business and instruct quorum members in their duties. The stake president and his counselors are the presidency of the high priests quorum for all of the high priests in the stake.

With this in mind, attendees received instructed from each member of the stake presidency. President Triffitt addressed the topic of the office and responsibilities of a high priest, and also shared how the priesthood is exercised by men and women in carrying out the Lord's work. President Buckley taught about the importance of servicing the temple regularly by taking our family with us, both our roots and our branches, and how important family history work is in bringing ordinances and covenants to those who lack the ability to access them. President Walters conlcuded with testimony on the previous two topics, reaffirming that a high priest should be one who knows his duty and doesn't need to be compelled to carry out his duties. He finished with encouragement to be actively involved in missionary work, with emphasis on our role as a quorum in leading by example across the stake.

One married sister in the stake oberved that it was lovely to be invited to be part of the meeting and to spend time mingling with the brethren and sisters.

"Seeing the power of leadership we have in the stake in our high priests quorum gives me strength and confidence in the Lord’s work," she said. "It was reaffirming to know and understand that the sisters are an important part of the priesthood and have a role to fill."

A single sister who was hesitant about attending and not sure she should be there, found inspiration in the messages. Following the meeting she exclaimed that she now had a greater feeling for who she was, why she was there, her role as part of the priesthood of God and how she can support and sustain the Lord's work. She exclaimed that the whole evening was very uplifting and strengthened her testimony and resolve to do better.

It was wonderful to meet together as a quorum and feel the strength and power of the spirit as He bore testimony of eternal truths and uplifted us in a righteous cause. We know that with the Lord ALL things are possible. His mandate to us is to grow, to enlarge our borders, to invite all to come unto Christ. May we accept the challenges to improve our attendance at the temple and go as often as is possible and take our own family names with us. May we make inspired invitations to all to come unto Christ, that we might have the power of the spirit to bring joy and show forth miracles here in the Devonport stake.