Sunday, 17 August 2014

A night of culture attracts a record crowd!

By Paige Triffitt

On the 15th of August the Devonport Stake held it’s first Youth Cultural night. Over 150 youth attended, 40 of whom where exchange students from Japan. We were all able to share a little of our cultures with each other whilst enjoying a fun filled night. We were also privileged to hear a few words from the Devonport City Mayor, Steve Martin, and we would like to thank him for his attendance.

When I first arrived the first thing I noticed was the large number of youth already at the activity. I did not realise that there was still more to come. It was a huge night, and many youth continued their commitment to bring a plus one. The amount of youth and leaders whom attended was outstanding! I did not think that we would be able to beat our last head count of 72 (the last stake dance) let alone get 150; more than half of whom were non-members. It really goes to show how much we as members can do with a simple invitation.

During the course of the night we were privileged to listen to very talented Taiko drummers whom were beyond amazing. We were even able to do a workshop with them and learn how to perform simple rhythms on the drums. It was an awesome experience, one that I was not very talented at but still thoroughly enjoyed.

Stalls were set up around the room where we were able to play games such as sumo wrestling (where you had to wear sumo suit), pin the face on the person and darts. The stalls also held an assortment of Japanese and Australian foods. The Japanese foods were curry and rice and gyoza whilst the Australian foods were meat pies, sausage in bread, pavlova and lamingtons. All the food was absolutely amazing and I would personally like to thank those who put in so much time and effort to provide it for us! It was truly delicious!

Throughout the night we were able to sit down and listen to some talented youth. Some of the Devonport stake youth sang an Australian song for the Japanese students, whilst some of the students sang us a few Japanese songs. The amount of talent that the Japanese students had was incredible, and it was equally incredible to be able to listen to them sing in Japanese!

The night was beyond amazing and even made the Advocate newspaper. There was so much time and effort spent in the preparation and running of the night and I would like to thank those who helped out. Amongst the helpers on the night were six return missionaries from Japan and eight current full time missionaries. We as youth are so lucky to be able to have such wonderful leaders to provide us with these amazing experiences. I look forward to seeing if there will be another cultural night in years to come!