Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Impressions of the Recent Stake Temple Trip

Jim and Ruth Pawson from Esk Ward share their thoughts on the Stake Temple Trip earlier this month and on the Missionary Fireside. The following are their words:

Despite the early morning start Jim and I always enjoy the Stake Temple Trip days.  There is something very special about going to and being in the temple with other Stake members.

It is nice to have other members who are perhaps coming on the temple trip for the first time as they bring an air of excitement with them which seems to infect the whole group.

This time we had youth from the Deloraine Ward  and they were especially happy to be going to the temple.  I love the fact that once we arrive at the temple we really do have the opportunity to leave "the cares of the world " truly behind us and focus on participating in the work of "redeeming our loved ones"  I noticed that every one of our members had a determination to complete as much temple work as they possibly could.

The "days at the Temple" are really a great blessing to individuals and also to our stake and  I would encourage all of our Stake members to set a goal to attend at least one a year.