Sunday, 7 September 2014

Review Stake Conference for a limited time

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for an uplifting and inspiring stake conference. Your faithfulness in attending and participating in the sessions - especially over a Father's Day weekend - was a blessing to all who were there. We hope that you felt the Lord's call to enlist in His hastening work of salvation.

We are pleased to offer a delayed broadcast of stake conference for a limited time. To access the broadcast click the "Stake Broadcast" link above or go to

We encourage you to share this link with your family and friends who live within the boundaries of the stake. Please do not post your invitation as a general status message on social media but make personal contact with those you wish to share conference with. The broadcasts will be removed on Saturday 20 September.

We look forward to an exciting and miracle-filled six months as we act upon the messages from this stake conference to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ, share the gospel with our neighbours and extend the saving ordinances of the temple to our ancestors.


The Stake Presidency