Monday, 15 September 2014

Second annual Meander Valley Choirfest a success!

On Friday 5 September the Second Meander Valley Choirfest was held at the Deloraine community complex. The purpose was for community and church groups around Northern Tasmania to come together and enjoy an evening of music. The theme "Sacred Song" was chosen to recognise the important role religion has in strengthening communities.

Choirs, small groups and soloists from Launceston right through to Burnie gathered in the beautiful town of Deloraine to perform for the Meander Valley community. The programme was made up of choirs such as Right on Cue, Diminished 5th, Devonport Men’s Quartet (comprising of Devonport ward members) and In the Groove from Devonport and the Meander Valley Choir and Del City Singers from Deloraine. We also heard beautiful arrangements of LDS hymns from the Deloraine and Launceston wards. The most breathtaking performances of the night would have been the two soloists' performance by Georgina Harvey singing When the Saints Come Marching in and Charlotte Austin-Lund with Right on Cue's rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You".

The performers enjoyed themselves and the reception was highly positive. The audience was captivated throughout the whole event and many were impressed with the quality of the performances.  Each person made a gold coin donation with all proceeds going back in to the Meander Valley community to help support families in crisis. It was great to see so many people supporting these families and recognising the importance of helping the hands that hang low.

Mark Shelton MHA wrapped up the evening well with his closing remarks. He mentioned that he comes across a lot of people that are disconnected from society and it is great that things like the Meander Valley Choirfest can give people the opportunity to network with others.

It was an entertaining night with an opportunity for church groups, community musical groups and the Meander Valley community to mingle together. Because of its success this year and musical groups wishing to participate again next year, we will look forward to another Choirfest in 2015!

By James Sayers