Monday, 27 October 2014

"Invitation Sunday" - Special Area-wide Fast

The Pacific Area Presidency have invited all members to participate in a special Area-wide Fast on Sunday November 2nd.

The purpose of the fast for each member is three-fold:

a) Increase our personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

b) Ask the Lord to guide us in identifying new opportunities as He ‘hastens His Work of Salvation’ in our wards, branches, stakes, and districts

c) Seek revelation on who we could invite to come to a special Sacrament Meeting to be held on November 30th 

What a wonderful opportunity this will be to join together with thousands of saints, fasting and praying for the same purpose.

The Stake Presidency would like to encourage all members of the Devonport Stake to take up this challenge from our Area Presidency.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

What Would a Holy Woman Do?

The Deloraine Chapel was the venue for a Women’s Conference held on Saturday 18th October. Over one hundred members of the Relief Society travelled from all over Northern Tasmania to attend. Keynote speakers were Sisters Karen Maxwell and Sue Hoare.

Sister Maxwell’s husband, President Cory Maxwell, presides over the Australia Melbourne Mission. She and her husband are from Salt Lake City and have eight children. Prior to this assignment, Sister Maxwell was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Music Chairman in her local stake.

Sister Sue Hoare and her husband, President David Hoare, have six children. They live in Melbourne where they currently serve as President and Matron of the Melbourne Australia Temple.

Sister Maxwell spoke to the theme of the conference “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” citing experiences of women who had asked themselves that question when faced with decisions in their lives.

Sister Hoare’s theme was her experiences of righteous women in her life and how important it is for women today to strive to exert that same influence on our families and those we come into contact with.

Workshops were held on how to make a ‘house’ a ‘home’ and how important it is for all women to look after their own well-being, whether they have a family or not at this stage of their lives. They were reminded that rearing a family is not an easy job and that making the home into a refuge from the world is a goal to strive for. The four Workshops were all informative and the presenters well prepared.

During the course of the meeting a presentation of over 280 hygiene packs was made to representatives from the Salvation Army to help in their work in the community.  These packs were produced and donated by Northern Relief Society members.

Mrs. Deb White, Deputy Mayor of the Meander Valley Council joined us for part of the day.

Congratulations to Sister Gail Challis, our Stake Relief Society President, for her leadership and organisational skills, and to all the Sisters who helped organise the event. It was an uplifting and informative day. Thank you for your service.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ultimate Youth Convention 2014

Ultimate Youth Convention 2014 (UYC14) was hosted by the Devonport Australia Stake at Queechy High School in Launceston from Wednesday 1 October 2014 to Saturday 4 October 2014.  The UYC14 theme was taken from Moroni 10:32 - "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him and deny yourselves of all ungodliness".

After months of planning and two days of set up, 76 youth arrived on site on Wednesday afternoon and, upon registration, were divided into 5 tribes - the Ammonites, the Amulekites, the Teancumites, the Abinadites and Captain Moroni's Troop!  Each tribe was led by a group of dedicated and well-trained young single adults, serving as YSA Counsellors, to lead the youth through the next four days of intensive spiritual, social, emotional and personal growth and development.

UYC14 featured a comprehensive program of tribal camps, daily devotionals, tailored class sessions, activities, service & sports, special presentations on the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith and missionary service and three amazing dances, facilitated by prepared and diligent presenters and complimented by uplifting music and imagery.  The highlight and purpose of UYC14 was the dedicated devotional sessions aimed at helping our youth learn why and how they can "come unto Christ" as individual children of Heavenly Father, and how they can invite others to come with them.  We were so pleased to also welcome a number of non-members and less-active youth at UYC14.

Four days of learning, laughter and love culminated in individual tribal testimony meetings where almost all of the youth and YSA participants were able to bear testimony and share feelings about marvellous, miraculous and life-changing experiences that were had during UYC14.  In addition, old friendships were renewed and new friendships fostered.  Barriers and challenges were overcome.  Unity was forged amongst the youth, YSA and leaders of the Devonport and Hobart Stakes, and resolutions were made to commit and recommit to living the principles, ordinances and covenants of the gospel.

Thousands of man-hours went into the organisation, set up and delivery of a fantastic UYC14.  Sincere thanks to the twenty dedicated members of the UYC14 Organising Committee for a mighty effort.  Also, thank you to over 120 additional members who served the youth at UYC14 in some capacity, whether large or small.  Thanks also to our Priesthood leaders for their vision and foresight to hold such an event, and finally, we acknowledge our loving Heavenly Father for His spirit and blessings upon us for a wonderful event and wonderful experience for all involved.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Called to Serve at Any Age

Following is a report from Jim and Ruth Pawson about the "Preparing for Senior Missionary Service" fireside on 16 Steptember. A recording of the talks from this fireside is available by clicking "Stake Broadcasts" at the top of this page.

For several years now our Church leaders, from President Monson down, have been calling for Senior Missionary singles and couples to serve in the mission field and this fireside gave those who had been specifically invited to learn some specifics as to what was required.

Three senior missionary couples who are currently serving in the Melbourne Mission spoke to us about "Why they decided to serve a mission and what they did to prepare"

They encouraged us to decide early that we would serve a mission and then work toward reaching that goal.  All of our callings and service will be of benefit to us and the mission field.

Specifically, we need to have the desire, read and study the scriptures and also Preach My Gospel.

There are so many areas where senior missionaries can serve such as helping to strengthen small branches, family history missions,  humanitarian and self- reliance missions;  but the best news is that more and more missions can be served from our own homes and can be tailored to suit our personal circumstances.  A video was shown of the "Seniors" who serve in our mission going about their work.  President Maxwell assured us that although the work is plenty and hard it is compensated by the "fun" and " lifelong friendships" and blessings  that are found in the mission field.  Several questions were asked by those in attendance and answered.

President Walters was the final speaker and reminded us of the great blessings that would come to our families as senior couples serve their missions and of the great example it is to our children and grandchildren.  Likewise that example can be of benefit to the youth of our stake and the whole stake can also be blessed.

Some of the scriptures that were quoted include Mosiah 2:17,  Matthew 25:40,  D&C 20:37, D&C 4.

A bus load of senior missionaries  were in attendance and each of them carried with them the spirit of the missionary work they were engaged in.

Great meeting.