Thursday, 23 October 2014

What Would a Holy Woman Do?

The Deloraine Chapel was the venue for a Women’s Conference held on Saturday 18th October. Over one hundred members of the Relief Society travelled from all over Northern Tasmania to attend. Keynote speakers were Sisters Karen Maxwell and Sue Hoare.

Sister Maxwell’s husband, President Cory Maxwell, presides over the Australia Melbourne Mission. She and her husband are from Salt Lake City and have eight children. Prior to this assignment, Sister Maxwell was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Music Chairman in her local stake.

Sister Sue Hoare and her husband, President David Hoare, have six children. They live in Melbourne where they currently serve as President and Matron of the Melbourne Australia Temple.

Sister Maxwell spoke to the theme of the conference “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” citing experiences of women who had asked themselves that question when faced with decisions in their lives.

Sister Hoare’s theme was her experiences of righteous women in her life and how important it is for women today to strive to exert that same influence on our families and those we come into contact with.

Workshops were held on how to make a ‘house’ a ‘home’ and how important it is for all women to look after their own well-being, whether they have a family or not at this stage of their lives. They were reminded that rearing a family is not an easy job and that making the home into a refuge from the world is a goal to strive for. The four Workshops were all informative and the presenters well prepared.

During the course of the meeting a presentation of over 280 hygiene packs was made to representatives from the Salvation Army to help in their work in the community.  These packs were produced and donated by Northern Relief Society members.

Mrs. Deb White, Deputy Mayor of the Meander Valley Council joined us for part of the day.

Congratulations to Sister Gail Challis, our Stake Relief Society President, for her leadership and organisational skills, and to all the Sisters who helped organise the event. It was an uplifting and informative day. Thank you for your service.