Saturday, 22 November 2014

Stake Temple Trip

Attending the temple is something that I truly look forward as I get to go into the Lord's house and feel of the spirit strongly, and this temple trip was no exception. I love how as members we are able to go into the temple and do temple work for those that have passed on before us.

Once we arrived and got some food, we drove to the temple. For some that were among us it was the first time that they had been to the temple and it was wonderful to witness their first time in the Lord's house. Not only did we get to witness this but many of us were able to do work in behalf of family members for the first time.

I love the peace that comes to me when I am in the temple, and I'm grateful that we are able to go and do service and I know that the things we do within the temple will be of benefit to those who are having their work done but it will also benefit and bless us too.

(Phebe Woodward)