Saturday, 15 November 2014

Youth - The Body Shop

On the 15th November, the stake held a youth activity called 'The Body Shop'. It was held at the Devonport Chapel and focussed on the importance of our bodies by keeping them fit, healthy and morally clean.

The youth participated in multiple workshops where they were instructed on nutrition, physical fitness, the law of chastity and being aware of negative influences in the media.

Following the interactive workshops, the youth were able to continue learning about what nutrients our food contains. A healthy salad bar lunch was then provided for them. 

Each ward/branch was assigned to prepare a 2 minute video and include the question: "Are you looking after your body?" These were presented and the youth from Tamar ward won the title of "Video Activity Winner".

To finish off the day, the youth enjoyed a game of Ultimate Frisbee as they ran around in the field. Thanks to all the leaders and the approximately 40 youth who participated on the day.