Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Night in Bethlehem

Saturday the 6th December was the stake Christmas activity at the Devonport Chapel called "A Night in Bethlehem". Many people helped with the huge amount of preparation that went into getting this activity ready. Thank you to those people and also everyone who attended and made the evening a great and successful experience. 

Visitors to 'Bethlehem' were given a pouch of 'coins' enabling them to experience some of the food, drink and crafts of the period. Food stalls ranged from fruit, cheese, yoghurt, bread, meat and juice. Other stalls included basket weaving, plants, candles, woodwork and blacksmithing. Outside there was also a petting zoo where children enjoyed seeing and touching some animals.

Giving to the Poor
Cheese / Yoghurt

During the evening everyone gathered together for a Nativity performance. This was an opportunity for everyone as well as a choir to join in singing Christmas carols and watch the Christmas story be told.


This 'Night in Bethlehem' was to remind us what Christmas is really about. Please watch the 'He is the Gift' video and think about ways you can also #ShareTheGift yourself.