Sunday, 15 November 2015

Young Women in Excellence

By Georgia Christie, 17, Deloraine Ward

The Young Women in Excellence night was a really great night to celebrate the different achievements from every girl. The leaders got up and introduced every girl, telling the audience what they were good at and why they loved them. Not only did it make the girls feel appreciated and loved, but it allowed others to get to know them better. I learnt new things about girls that I've known for years and it was amazing to see the talents and personality they possess.
The focus on Personal Progress was a great reminder of how important the program is. As someone who is nearing the end of the program it was awesome to look back on all the things I have done and how I have grown in the last six years. I am a testament to how Personal Progress can influence your life and how valuable the teachings are in it.
The Young Women in Excellence night was a fantastic night to gather together as women, with our parents and leaders, and celebrate each other’s differences and achievements.