Sunday, 15 November 2015

Young Women in Excellence

By Georgia Christie, 17, Deloraine Ward

The Young Women in Excellence night was a really great night to celebrate the different achievements from every girl. The leaders got up and introduced every girl, telling the audience what they were good at and why they loved them. Not only did it make the girls feel appreciated and loved, but it allowed others to get to know them better. I learnt new things about girls that I've known for years and it was amazing to see the talents and personality they possess.
The focus on Personal Progress was a great reminder of how important the program is. As someone who is nearing the end of the program it was awesome to look back on all the things I have done and how I have grown in the last six years. I am a testament to how Personal Progress can influence your life and how valuable the teachings are in it.
The Young Women in Excellence night was a fantastic night to gather together as women, with our parents and leaders, and celebrate each other’s differences and achievements.

Friday, 13 November 2015

I have read Elder Pearson’s The Book of Mormon Reading Schedule

Provided by Sister Peggy Bogar

Speaking about the St Helens Group in the Tamar Ward of the Devonport Australia Stake, Jo-Anne Jenkins was the first one, to my knowledge, who finished The Book of Mormon Reading Schedule provided by Elder Kevin W. Pearson and although life seems to be embroiled with disappointments and trials for that family her faith has remained strong and her charity overflows as she continually helps others without thought of reward.

My delight is that I have now caught up with her and today, the 12 of November 2015 got through the reading schedule. So what have I acquired from this self-discipline? Well my husband instead of asking me to come and help him do some outside activity asks “Sweetie, when you finish reading your scriptures, if you have not read them yet, would you be so kind as to…..”

Photo supplied with permission: Jo Jenkins, Natalie Smith and Steven Bogar

President Lionel Walters asked us to dwell upon the mercies of the Lord in these readings. I have felt cloudiness depart as the light of Christ illuminates my understanding. Moments of great concern intermingle interactions with those I love and I resort to old conference notes to find the whys. The scriptures often contain the answers and there is peace through knowing others have gone before and come through the other side of the storm, even when enduring death through martyrdom was required for some. Death is not the end.

I find joy in indexing and arbitration work. Presently there are Tasmanian records of births that invigorate my effort. Am I 100% accurate? No but can improve with concentration and slowing down to take time to double check. I love the work and recently overheard my husband tell my dad that I sometimes get up at three or four in the morning if I have pain and can’t sleep and go on the computer doing family history names. Dad was most surprised. Pity I can’t say that I just get up to give the Lord an hour or two out of love, rather than because I can’t sleep.

The Stake held a special weekend in St Helens recently for which I am most grateful. Many saints travelled and stayed in local accommodation which would have been financially hard but gave up other treats in order to make the journey. Why? Because in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we are strengthening the Stake through our prayers and efforts to study the scriptures and invite others to come unto Christ and give them the right to say yes or no or not now.

I was very happy that my husband came and my son brought his daughter in and there was a less-active man who had a chat and swapped information too. So was it worthwhile? Yes, emphatically yes because so many Saints in the town doing righteous works and keeping the Sabbath Day holy, is a missionary part of the gathering of Israel and I am strengthened to build the Kingdom of Heaven by their example.