This blog is a record of the Devonport Australia Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our purpose is to demonstrate how our Heavenly Father shows His love in small and simple ways that fill us with joy and a desire to be with Him and our families forever.

We're confident that your being here is no coincidence! We hope that as you read the posts, you will see how the blessings of the Lord have come to the people discussed in small and simple ways, and from these examples, you will recognise that He has blessed your own life in similar ways.

As you identify His blessings and feel the love He has for you, we invite you to ask Heavenly Father in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, if those feelings are from Him. We promise that if you ask sincerely, with a desire to follow His direction, the Holy Ghost will help you know that what you are experiencing is real and from God.

We also promise that when you learn to identify that feeling, the Holy Ghost will help you recognise God's love and truth throughout your life!

We invite you to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Church by visiting one of our worship services, contacting our missionaries, "Liking" our Facebook page or speaking with your Mormon friends!

You can also find information about the Church at the following official websites:
  • Mormon.org - An introduction to the basic beliefs of the Church
  • LDS.org - Information and resources for members and friends of the Church
  • FamilySearch.org - Discover your story and see more examples of God's love by researching your family history

With love and respect,

Devonport Australia Stake Presidency

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